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A visit to Winchester Family Church

On July 22 we attended the Sunday evening prayer meeting at Winchester Family Church. The church building has a superb location in the heart of Winchester and is very easy to find (and to park).

The building was originally a large cinema with one big screen. Through the years it became a bingo hall and fell into a sorry state of repair. Eventually it was bought by the church and a beautiful restoration has just been completed. The church website describes the history of the church which dates back to 1928. The image of the church is fresh and “non-chuchy”, right down to its motto you can see on the sign here: “something different!”

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A visit to Life Church, Southampton

On Sunday July 22 we visited Life Church, Southampton. I was particularly interested in visiting this church because I spent most of my life in this city (we moved to Canada in 1991) and went to Southampton University.

The church is new, being planted earlier this year from Winchester Family Church, with other families coming from Bournmouth, Hedge End, Portsmouth and elsewhere.

The location of the church is very easy to find since it is right on Above Bar St. (the central shopping street). The biggest problem was finding somewhere to park. We spotted some people getting out of a car who looked like they were “going to church” and we were right! They helped us find parking.

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A visit to Jubilee Church, Enfield London

We visited Jubilee Church, Enfield (North London) on July 15th 2007. When the church needed to expand from their previous location, there were some prophetic words about a large building with lots of glass windows and about people coming from the north, the south, the east and the west. Not only does the Cineworld cinema complex where they now meet have a huge glass front, but is it located at a major intersection with roads off in the four directions of the compass.

Here is a close shot of the front of the building. In the church is in a period of tremendous growth and is truly multicultural. They describe themselves as "an, informal, multicultural church with people of all ages represented. Whatever your background you should find a warm welcome!" One of the reasons we wanted to visit them is that our goal is to build a multicultural church in downtown Toronto, and so we were very interested in seeing what it looked like. Another reason is that it is the home church of our good friend Adrian Warnock.

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A visit to Macclesfield Family Church

We visited Macclesfield Family Church on July 8th 2007. We found out about the church from the website which is very nicely done. We found the place the church meets without too much trouble. It is the Peatfields Centre which is a day-centre on campus of Macclesfield College. It is a light and airy building, welcoming and attractive. The people were very welcoming and it immediately felt like we were part of the family.

We very much enjoyed the worship and felt free to participate. There was a strong sense of the presence of God and although it was not a large group of people, there was a lot of participation.

The church website has a short history:

Keith Gamon leads the church and here you can see him preaching. Our travel contraints meant that we had to leave before the end of the service. Unfortunately the sermons are not online yet because Keith is midway through a series in Daniel and I was very interested in what he would say. Before we left, the people all gathered around us and prayed for us as we plant Newlife Church, Toronto.

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Report of M09: Terry Virgo - The Folly of Achan

  • This has been one of the most glorious weeks we have ever had!

Joshua 7 — The Sin of Achan

The previous chapter couldn’t have ended with more excitement as Jericho falls and God is with Joshua. “His fame went throughout all the land”

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Report of TT2-3: Julian Adams - Prophecy in the Church

Stepping out in our churches

  • I am really passionate about moving people from coming to a meeting about the prophetic to being activated and stepping out in their gift.
  • The two Jack Deere books are really good
  • The world is hungry for an encounter with God
  • Story of three young men, unsaved, who came to a meeting where there were lots of manifestations
    • I prophesied to them and one of them began to weep and thought I was some kind of a psychic
    • I explained you should never be impressed by power, but it was the source for power that you are plugged into that counts
    • I was angry that the only source of power he knew of was demonic
  • It is so important that we restore NT prophecy, so that when people come into our meetings they know that God is there
    • drawing people into an encounter with Jesus
  • We need to contend for this in our churches
    • I want to encourage you to step out, because there will be mistakes and fear
    • But went it brings glory to God it is one of the most satisfying thing ever
  • The secret council of the Lord is to those who fear him [read more...]

Report of M01: Stephen van-Rhyn - Leadership lessons from Moses & Aaron

Exodus 32

  1. Leadership Matters
    • direct correlation between spiritual health of people and spirituality of leader.
      • e.g. Matthew: Jesus went through all the villages healing everyone and preaching.
    • Was Jesus rejoicing? Jesus saw the crowds that gathered as harassed and helpless, and he had compassion
      • They were leaderless, like sheep without a shepherd
  2. Leadership matters at every level
    • not good enough just to have great senior leaders
    • the church advances on delegated leadership
    • Your leadership responsibility matters

Aaron’s mistakes

  1. He was seduced by his own success. [read more...]

Report of M08: Rob Rufus - Living in the Manifest Glory of God

  • I grew up in a home with an atheist dad and agnostic mum—no faith in the house at all
    • No legacy of any Christianity whatever
    • As a little 5 yr old boy I felt his presence. It was the same up in my room earlier today
    • I never felt the presence of God again for 18 years
      • My only rule was “Thou shall not deny thyself”
    • Switched to becoming a Hare Krishna
      • Once again felt his presence and his holiness was terrifying, in a Hindu temple
    • Surrendered to him and stopped running
      • Immediately I felt the same presence as a little boy.
      • From then on the pursuit of my life has been the presence of God [read more...]
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