About Andrew

I live in downtown Toronto, Canada. My main calling is to help build Christ's kingdom by teaching and church-planting.

I am currently the leader of a new church-plant: Newlife Church, Toronto.

I have a Ph.D. in Computer Science and make part of my living by teaching short courses on programming, mostly related to the internet (Java, databases, Drupal etc.) The other part of my living (the best part) is in kingdom work, teaching, preaching and pastoring. Some of the things I have written can be found on loveintruth.com, my theology and teaching website.

I am married to Anne, and have a son Luke, a daughter Jessica and a large Maine Coone called Timothy.

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Dear Andrew

I wonder if you remember me from my time in Southampton 1989-90? I am now in Cambridge doing doctoral research as well as preparing to be stationed by the Methodist Church as a probationer minister this coming year. I know it is a long time since I last saw you and your family, but I still remember you all very fondly and would love to hear how you all are sometime.

Warmest regards

John McNeill


Hi John, Of course I remember you! Great to hear from you. Send me your email address by using the contact link on the left. Blessings, Andrew


Mr. Fountain !

What am I seeing ? you at Mrs. Keng's outfit ?! And should I believe my lying eyes ? is that a man with a guitar in the picture in that gym-looking Newlife church-room, and are those people lifting their arms in a v-shape in the background ? (What next? egyptian prayer position, holding the pillars of the universe in the palm?)

why am I not allowed to access the contact page ?

Smiles etc.

one time cook of TB Seminary, one time last bastion of true doctrine

Contact page now enabled

Hi Istvan, Great to hear from you!
Yes, it is indeed me at Follower's mission, and those are arms raised at our meetings! Why not come and visit us some time at one of our meetings and I'll tell you the story of the changes I have been through in the last four years. Drop me an email from the contact page: http://chri.st/contact

Your overview of the Revelation

Greetings from Texas. I am a lay Pastor in a mission type church built around the western culture heritage, Open Range Cowboy Church. There have been about 165 of these type of churches planted in Texas and the south in the past four or five years. These churches have brought salvation to many who were lost.
My mind has been very occupied for several days after recently reading the Revelation once again. I had made a specific request as I began this reading again to ask God to let me SEE what it is all about.
I have always felt there is much mumbo-jumbo related to the interpretations of various ones who expound on their theories of the world and how all this will take place.
What I've determined is much of what you have written in your study of this subject. I think by taking previous symbolism from the Word, as you have done, that we can come up with a church based theology of Revelation instead of a near East or Jewish end times. Maybe there are more about Jews in the end than I think, but I think God was done with them as a chosen people way back there, though I hope that they can, through his amazing love, be reached so that they, too, may come to know our Savior as theirs.
I wanted to say thank you for the time and effort of posting it to the internet for other searchers to find. I did a search for "visions of revelation" and found it that way.
I will continue to watch your writings. I'm impressed by the common sense and biblical perspective of what I've seen so far that you've written.

Comments on Revelation

Hi Rick,
You didn't leave an email address so I will reply to you in this way. I am glad you found the notes on Revelation helpful. They are rather incomplete because they are a the skeleton notes for the course I teach on the subject. You are right about the Jews--I believe that God still loves them very much, but the Old Covenant is gone and done with. There is now "one new man in Christ".
I am interested to hear about the Open Range Cowboy Church. Praise God for the work that you and others are doing!
Thanks for the encouragement.

Hi Andrew, I was wondering

Hi Andrew,

I was wondering if you've ever read a proper translation of The Quran? If so, I'd love to hear which one and what were your thoughts.


Hi Andrew,
Thank you so much for this post.

Hi Andrew

Hi Andrew, I have been reading your posts for almost an year. I should tell you that you are doing a fantastic job with this website and the articles you write. I am sure that everyone who read your articles have the same opinion. Keep it up.