New website for Newfrontiers Canada

I have just re-built the Newfrontiers Canada website. The original site (at was my first experience of building a site in the Drupal content management system. Drupal is an extraordinarily powerful framework for creating websites very simply and easily. Since that time I have built many, many sites with Drupal and it is rapidly becoming an important source of income. My Drupal development company is

Drupal 5 has just become available and I decided to re-launch the Newfrontiers Canada site using the new tools. The photo gallery is much improved, as is the audio download capability.

I do agree with you. The

I do agree with you. The Drupal content management system is extremely powerful and also provides a large number of tools that make the development easier than any other system. I checked out your site and really liked it. Drupal 7 is already in the market and offers a larger collection of tools!

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