Report of TT2-3: Julian Adams - Prophecy in the Church

Stepping out in our churches

  • I am really passionate about moving people from coming to a meeting about the prophetic to being activated and stepping out in their gift.
  • The two Jack Deere books are really good
  • The world is hungry for an encounter with God
  • Story of three young men, unsaved, who came to a meeting where there were lots of manifestations
    • I prophesied to them and one of them began to weep and thought I was some kind of a psychic
    • I explained you should never be impressed by power, but it was the source for power that you are plugged into that counts
    • I was angry that the only source of power he knew of was demonic
  • It is so important that we restore NT prophecy, so that when people come into our meetings they know that God is there
    • drawing people into an encounter with Jesus
  • We need to contend for this in our churches
    • I want to encourage you to step out, because there will be mistakes and fear
    • But went it brings glory to God it is one of the most satisfying thing ever
  • The secret council of the Lord is to those who fear him
    • It takes a glimpse of God’s all-seeing nature and brings it into the here and now
    • The Spirit searches the very depths of God. What a great privilege!

Radical Intimacy

  • It is simply undergirded by a radical intimacy
  • Some people want the kiss of intimacy in the garden without the cost of covenant (as Judas)
  • Many do not step out in the gifts because they don’t understand their sonship
    • “I will not leave you as orphans” —many in the church have an orphan spirit where they are working for approval
    • Prophecy is all about carrying the very heart and emotions of God
    • Hearing from God is not cerebral, but a personal encounter, experiencing a person
    • We are encountering the wonderful person of Jesus
    • If you don’t encounter God privately, it will be very difficult to express him publicly
    • There is something about falling in love with him every day that keeps an open line of communication with him

God’s ways of speaking

  • Many different ways: Impressions, audible voice
    • also about seeing, about trances, angelic visitation, open visions
    • God speaks sometimes in a physical way with a pain in my body
    • sometimes my hand will heat up—our bodies were created to encounter God
  • You need to learn the ways God speaks to you
  • You need to be open to ways that are very different
  • God is a speaking God and it is important that we learn to cultivate knowing how he does it
  • For me is is mainly through impressions and pictures
    • I am under no pressure to perform unless God gives me something
    • Sometimes I get something small and I get nothing more unless I step out on it
    • As I begin to step out it is like a river that flows
    • Sometimes I see videos of the person’s life in front of me
  • It is very simple to feel the heart of God and you have to speak from this.
  • The prophetic needs to be clear—a clear trumpet call
    • not “I see a cow in a meadow”
  • We are to “fan into flame the gift that God has given us, for God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind”
    • Needs to be very clear to their minds what we are talking about

The place of Submission

  • The centurion says “I am a man under authority” —not in
  • We need to submit to godly leadership. We can have the idea that we have the right to give the word
  • If your elders are saying “no” all the time, do the maths! —go and ask them what the problem is!

Radical intimacy has to be followed by radical obedience

  • You have to speak the message it otherwise it is not a gift of prophecy!
  • The prophetic is very connected with faith. As you grow in faith there is a greater revelation of God’s heart.
  • I was brought up going to a lot of crazy meetings and I love them
    • I am not going to settle for boring church
    • These guys taught me to step out in faith
    • Faith is taking something from the future and realizing it in the present
    • Faith is stepping out. The more you step out and are trustworthy, the more God gives you!

Three ways God speaks to me

  1. A word of knowledge
    • a piece of information that opens up something
  2. Prophecy
    • God’s heart to them
  3. A word of wisdom
    • an application of divinely revealed truth
  • Prophecy is primarily about encouraging. We don’t shoot our wounded!
    • It is always about the best in people

Prophetic time.

Julian modelled to us how he leads a prophetic session. He started by saying “I feel quite nervous!” He was waiting for the first word of knowledge to get things started. He asked everyone to stand and come into God’s presence.

After about 5 minutes he pointed to a section of the room and said there was someone thinking about immigration. A man stood up and was called forward. Julian began to tell him of God’s heart of love for him, and within moments he was weeping. He went on to tell him lots of other things about himself, his life and his future, and ended by saying that he could taste maple syrup and maybe that meant a county.

Several more people were prophesied over and then all the church leaders including wives were called forward for impartation.

I found Julian’s openness about how he was moving in the prophetic to make it one of the most helpful sessions I have ever been to on the prophetic (and I have been to quite a few).

I was always amazed by the

I was always amazed by the church and the prophecy associated with it. It is like a story which is hard to believe and yet very amazing. Yes, even though I am not a Christian, I find Christianity and the stories behind it very interesting.