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Cell Church Seminars complete

I have finally finished reviewing, processing and uploading all the cell church seminar sessions by Bill Beckham.It has been a huge task, but the quality of the material is so good that it makes it worthwhile. The whole series (nearly 8 hours) can be freely downloaded. The only thing missing is that he refers to some handouts from time to time. I am going to try and track these down and scan them to go with the audio.

Cell Church Seminars by Bill Beckham

William A. Beckham (Sept. 1997) Bromley Town Church, Sevenoaks


For me, the main value in this series is that Bill Beckham is not presenting a pragmatic “how-to” of church growth, but presenting the fundamental principles of how a church should operate. It’s not primarily about a structure, but about the nature of God.

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