Report of M08: Rob Rufus - Living in the Manifest Glory of God

  • I grew up in a home with an atheist dad and agnostic mum—no faith in the house at all
    • No legacy of any Christianity whatever
    • As a little 5 yr old boy I felt his presence. It was the same up in my room earlier today
    • I never felt the presence of God again for 18 years
      • My only rule was “Thou shall not deny thyself”
    • Switched to becoming a Hare Krishna
      • Once again felt his presence and his holiness was terrifying, in a Hindu temple
    • Surrendered to him and stopped running
      • Immediately I felt the same presence as a little boy.
      • From then on the pursuit of my life has been the presence of God
    • I will never promote seeking the power of God, it is the presence and glory we seek, since that is who he is and will give heart satisfaction
  • Many of the evangelists in the 40’s and 50’s healing revival fasted 40 days for the power, but crashed in immorality
    • If you fast all the time you end up becoming irrelevant, weird and insane. No family life or time with our kids
    • Jesus was part of the festivities
    • John G. Lake, a mighty man of power—came to SA in 1905 and planted many churches.
    • In the 1920’s he said we missed the best of God because we became more captivated by the phenomenon than the person
  • When you are in the glory of God, your innermost being is strengthened with his power, so you can comprehend the love that surpasses knowledge
    • Then God does more than we can ask or thing according to his power working in us
    • I want to talk about “Living in the Manifest Glory of God”
  • The Old Covenant was a fading glory. God wants to fill us with his glory
  • Some people live from conference to conference, but are bored and tired in between
  • But if you live in the presence you will live in joy

(At this point Rob starts to laugh and has a lot of trouble continuing.)

Acts 9

  • The best way of combating counterfeit signs and wonders is to get immersed in the glory
  • It is a timeless zone where God is—the eternal “now” of God
    • someone here who had been in a car accident a year ago was totally healed on Tuesday—taken back to the time before the accident
    • What will we look like if we live regularly in the glory
      -The story of Joshua Laws who lost his watch and his wedding ring and found them in his dream
  • There are a lot of strange things in the Bible and we are going to have to get used to things happening.
  • We need a wineskin of grace to be able to keep the anointing
  • The anointings such as that of John G. Lake were amazing. We are not at that level yet.
    • William Branham began to believe that he was Elijah raised from the dead
    • Lake had a prophecy of the day Branham would die
  • Things that this generation has never seen, but many of them died young
    • 1957 God began to life his hand off the healing revivals with jealousy and legalism, immorality and sin
  • 1960’s the charismatic renewal, but the denominations would not change their wineskins
  • 1970’s the faith movement. Wonderful, but taken to extremes with “name it and claim it”
    • Also much angelic visitation, but there was cynicism
  • 1990’s, the “Toronto Blessing” which was for the whole earth
    • Mocked, ridiculed and the blessing dropped away when they didn’t have the wineskins

What we need to trust God for

  • We are going to capture these anointings that were lost
  • We are going to see humility and a people of grace
  • The best insight you can get into the New Covenant is to read the prophecies of it in the Old;
    • “The least of them shall be like...”
    • Let us see these and pull them into the “now”
  • Luke 7:28 —the one who is least in the K. of God is greater than John
  • Heb 8:11 —they will all know me from the least of them...
  • Is 60:22 —the least of you will become a 1000
    • There could be a time that the smallest church is a 1000 people?
    • We have crossed the Jordan and are not in the wilderness any more
  • Zech 12:8 The feeblest among you will be like David and the house of David like God
    • Men that stand in the authority of God
    • David was a frightening man. He was a poet, but he killed 200 men just like that for his bride
  • Acts 15 David’s fallen tent
  • Eph 3:19
  • Eph 4:13 the measure of the fullness of Christ
    • you were born for this hour. Let’s stand

After about 20 mins of worship, Rob called forward all those who had received some measure of healing during the last few days. My shoulder seems to be completely healed so I went forward and stood on the line at the front. When Rob came by and touched me, my catcher had some work to do, and I lay on the floor enjoying the amazing presence of God. When I finally got up, my catcher came and introduced himself as Sam Poe, but that is another story...

Great to hear your

Great to hear your testimony! We look forward to hearing more soon, hopefully in person...

Pew Research on religion proved Christians r bible illiterate

It's a little sad that some Christians equate warm fuzzy feeling with the manifest presence of God. Stop seeking feelings & read your whole bible from cover to cover then you will find the manifest presence of God expressed heavily in his Word.

Good article by the way. But

Good article by the way. But I feel closest to the Lord by reading my entire bible Genesis to Revelation. In these last days we had better know what sign is genuine cause the bible said many false prophets would appear in the last days performing many false signs and lying wonders.