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Report of M09: Terry Virgo - The Folly of Achan

  • This has been one of the most glorious weeks we have ever had!

Joshua 7 — The Sin of Achan

The previous chapter couldn’t have ended with more excitement as Jericho falls and God is with Joshua. “His fame went throughout all the land”

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Report of TT2-1: Terry Virgo - The Holy Spirit and your Church: Baptism in the Spirit

  • Presence of the Spirit is of massive importance
    • The manifestation of his presence, not just singing good songs.

Acts 1:8 —they would receive power when the Holy Spirit came.

  • When we are helping people to enter into the Baptism of the Spirit, it is very important that they be theological comfortable with it.
    • There is no point in praying for people who don’t believe in it!
    • Never just pray for them. Even if they are blessed at the time, they may experience a backlash of doubt afterwards.
    • the more you are assured from Scripture, the better.
  • When Jesus said “You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you” they had an O.T. background for understanding this.
    • The Spirit coming upon people was not a strange thought for the Jewish mind.
    • David, the 70 elders in the wilderness, Judges.
    • Joel said there would be an end-time outpouring
    • John the Baptist introduces him as the baptizer in the Spirit
  • Jesus didn’t immediately talk about this, but said that first he must have his baptism of fire. [read more...]

Report of M03: Terry Virgo - God is Turning a New Page for His People

Joshua 1:1-9

  • I felt very drawn to this passage as I was preparing.
    • We have a sense that God is turning a new page for us
    • He is using many ways of communicating this to us, some of them quite unusual
    • God loves our new initiatives, but when he does something new, it is altogether different.
  • We will look at some principles from Joshua 1

2. It requires fresh faith

  • Joshua is going to have to start this new era by doing a miracle
  • Our God is fundamentally a supernatural God. If we are going to work with him we have to be part of this
  • God says “Behold I have given you Jericho” —but they have not taken the city yet!
  • Our training programs often focus on providing information, but it is more important to provide a call to faith
  • We are called to faith exploits. God wants us to get to know him and to put on show how trustworthy he is.
  • Cross the Jordan! Come on a journey of faith! Challenge your people to faith so they have stories of what God has done!
    • (At this point he told some stories of people in his church.)
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Review of M09: Terry Virgo - The Pressures of Leadership

Newfrontiers Leadership Conference 2006 - Main Session 09

A very practical address on leadership. This is an important message for anyone involved in leadership, at any level. It is rich with examples and Scriptural principles. Excellent!

There is very detailed summary of this message on Adrian Warnock's blog.

Click here for the free download page at Newfrontiers

Review of M03: Terry Virgo - The Explosive Power of Faith

Newfrontiers Leadership Conference 2006 - Main Session 03

Two things make this a great message. 1) Terry speaks with a real passion and the message is very much on his heart. 2) The message is based on a powerful insight from Scripture—a truth that really hits home. The insight is concerning the nature of faith. These days faith is often linked to "getting something from God", however, in Heb 11:24 we read "By faith Moses refused...". Terry explores what this dimension of faith means in a challenging and thought-provoking message.

There is very detailed summary of this message on Adrian Warnock's blog.

Click here for the free download page at Newfrontiers

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