8a Children and the cell by Bill Beckham


Greetings from Australia

I Have just listened to this message and I'd like to say I totally agree with your attitude towards children,they certainly are very precious to Jesus.

I'm involved in kids ministry and have been using the Kids in Ministry curriculum from Becky Fischer and found it excellent, she has the same attitude toward children as you and Lorna Jenkins.

Thanks for speaking up for kids ministry, it is important to God.

Jane Orr


Many excellent points. The child who goes off to university and is lost, was lost before he went.

Pastors need to focus on their responsibility to "equip the saints" [you, me, parents]"for the work of ministry." And that begins for parents by helping them understand and apply this in their homes:

And any church that is too big to have children as a part of their gathering, is just that, too big.