Review of TT1-3 Wayne Grudem - Bible Translations

Newfrontiers Leadership Conference 2006 - Training Track 1-3

Again, this was very interesting to me. Obviously Wayne Grudem is going to be very pro-ESV, since he was part of the editorial team, but he explains himself very well and makes an excellent case. The place that I would differ from him is that he seems to assume that we only use one version. It is a good idea to use an “essentially literal” version (and in fact I personally use the ESV), but also another version such as the NIV or even the Message in order to stimulate our thinking. Grudem seems to have the assumption that we only ever use one version. The other occasion when I would not rely on the ESV is if I am giving a Bible to an unbeliever. Here I would probably use an NIV.

The last part of the message deals with “gender neutral language”. I agree with Grudem that the TNIV has gone too far in the name of political correctness, but there is probably a midway position. I hear his concerns about trying to work around gender language by using plurals, and so destroying texts that speak of individual salvation. Whatever your position, you need to hear what Grudem has to say, because he is well thought-out and articulate.

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