Review of LS04 Ray Lowe - Sons or staff?

Newfrontiers Leadership Conference 2006 - Leadership Seminar 04

Outline in program:
Were Timothy and Titus sons or staff? Today’s church often resembles more of a business than a New Testament community based on faithful loyal relationships. Ray will explore some principles of producing sons rather than merely employing staff, and will highlight some of the long-term dangers of neglecting this important New Testament principle

Ray argues that the model we should have for church leadership should be radically different to the "church staff" model so often seen in "corporate church". This is an excellent message and well worth listening to. The only caveat I would have is with regard to the question of what happens to a gifted potential leader who doesn't fit into the profile of the kind of person the senior leader picks as "sons". Does such a person have to go to another church in order to be mentored? This is not a fundamental issue with the model, but more of a practical problem that has to be worked out.

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