Report of M05: Rob Rufus - Five ways of increasing in the Spirit of Faith

  • I have a problem with the teaching that God does nothing except in response to men’s prayers. How did he great the universe
  • Nevertheless he does respond to faith initiatives
  • Jesus seems to be totally controlled by his father’s initiative
  • Other times it looks like he is being directed by the faith impulses of mortal men (e.g. Jairus)
    • Then the woman touched his garment and he focused on her

1. Be honest with God that you don’t have the faith to heal those in wheelchairs

  • The doesn’t mean it is not the will of God.
  • Jesus says, “all things are possible to them that believe”
  • Often we need to learn how weak and needy we are before God will help us. It is not that we are strong and just need a little help, but we have no strength

2. By exercising the Spirit of Faith

  • Story of a blind woman he prayed for. Not healed, but he did try!
    • Peter sank, but at least he got out of the boat!
    • He started exercising his faith, and later on his shadow was healing people
  • Story of a blind baby who was healed a short time afterwards
  • Faith increases when we exercise it

3. Rom 10:17 - Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God

  • Katherine Kuhlman had people singing until the presence of God was thick
  • Sometimes people can be healed without anyone touching them, just in the worship service
  • A women who had cancer and was so looking forward to dying because she wanted to be with her husband
    • She had 3 weeks to live and refused to allow anyone to pray for her
    • Came to the service to say goodbye to everyone
    • By the time she had got home she was totally healed!
  • It was a sovereign initiative of God—because he enjoys it
  • But after that I was so full of confidence I went to pray for a wealthy woman
    • There was no faith in the room. It was horrible
    • I just got angry and hear myself say “you are just an arrogant old bat, rude and grumpy. How does this give glory to God?”
    • “If I can show you from the Word of God...” I spent an hour going through the Bible showing healings.
    • 1:15 hours a light came on. Now she is angry with her priest for lying to her!
    • She angrily got up and walked away from her wheelchair

4. A Word of Knowledge

  • Often a word is given for healing

5. Activated through impartation

  • Acts 6, possibly the first deacons
  • Chose 7 men from among you. They chose Stephen, a man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit, and Philip
  • opposition arose
  • Philip was another of them and went to Samaria, doing signs and wonders
    • up till now only the apostles were reported to be doing miracles
  • The others were full of the Spirit and faith, but not activated yet—what transitioned them?
    • These people believed in impartation
  • We underestimate the ministry of laying on of hands.
  • Personally I have pastored local churches for all my ministry life apart from the last three years
  • I know what it is to work with issues people still have after they have been healed
  • We need to keep a church in a revival atmosphere, an expectation of the supernatural.
    • Don’t fight against the sovereignty of God, but combine it with faith
    • The worship time with the presence of God is really important
    • Avoid bubblegum songs, but focus on the glory
    • The elders should be involved in leading the worship, so when the glory of God comes they can step in and bring testimony and words of knowledge
    • Let there be something in every sermon that raises the expectation and faith for the supernatural
    • Send the healing teams out to pray for those who are still not healed