Report of M04: P-J Smythe – Joshua part 2 - A New Phase in the Kingdom

Joshua 10

  • The book of Joshua is an account of God bringing his people into their inheritance.
  • He takes them across the Jordan, into some big battles
  • At the half way mark, chapter 13, the page is turned and there is a new phase
    • For the first half there is a new leader and a real togetherness
    • 10:29 “then Joshua and all Israel with him moved on”
    • Same kind of language in v.31, v.34, v.36, v.38, v.43, 11:7, 12:7
  • 13:1 begins the new phase when Joshua is well advanced in years
    • Joshua is old and there are still large tracts of land to take
    • He gives them a new plan: the land and the people are distributed
    • They all receive their allotment—their area to conquer
    • If Israel was to hold on to all the land that had been won during their “together” exploits, there needs to be a dividing up and putting things in place.
  • This second phase of Joshua is pivotal to any ministry in the church
    • Otherwise we run a risk of HQ ism, leading to frustration
    • but if we move into the second era looking for self-fulfillment, then it can breed unhealthy individualism.

Taking some Tips from the Tribes

13:40 —the Levites get something a bit different

  • Their role was not as visible as the other roles and territories given
  • Some people have a very well defined and pinned down role in the church
  • A Levite-type ministry is one that is not so visible—maybe a prayer or prophetic ministry
    • The inheritance is from God
  • Another ministry is one of friendship
  • The role of Levites in a church is critical. There is a role in not having a role

14:7-15 Caleb

  • He had postponed what was rightfully his for 40 years
  • He was not an individualist, he was a team player
  • This has special relevance to older men and older women
  • If you don’t go after your mountain, then we will be weaker
  • Go and get your mountain

15:16-19 Achsah

  • Asked the father for a special favour
  • Do not hide behind your man or another leader
  • Go to God direct —he has things for you!
  • We need to have the Achsah spirit and go for special favours
  • Don’t just “be grateful for what you have got”, but keep asking God for more special favours
    • More giftings, more blessing in ministry and growth
    • Be cheeky. We have a God who loves to bless his daughter
    • Simon Petit used to pray, “Lord, you say we do not have because we do not ask. Well here we are Lord!”
  • Tomorrow when we pray together we are going to be cheeky

15:63 Judah

  • This is a bit sobering—they could not dislodge the Jebusites
    • In Judges 3 there were people who didn’t have battle experience and needed it
    • Every generation needs to have battle experience

17:14 Joseph

  • I need more of an inheritance because I am larger
  • Joshua tells them that since they are so big, they are welcome to clear more land for themselves
  • They complain that even this is not enough, because the Canaanites have iron chariots
  • Joshua encourages them to go for everything
  • Emerging leaders can learn from this
    • We can depend on others—I need a budget and leaders
    • We can’t ask other people to clear our land for us but sometimes need to depend on God for ourselves
  • Joshua leaders can learn from this
    • Resist doing it too much for them. Let them do it, it will allow their gift to make way for them
    • But DO prophesy life and faith into them as Joshua did
    • But beware that you are not just rostering promotion. You must keep looking for the gifting of God
  • The second part of Joshua is about maturing each part of the body into its own area
    • The keyboard player uses his hands, not his feet. Every part has its own unique role to play
      • It would be ridiculous for the foot to start moaning and complaining!
    • Every tribe has it’s own role.

19:9 Simeon and Judah

  • Judah got more than they needed, so some of it was given to Simeon
  • Our territory might overlap with another’s or be within another’s
  • Some of us are number 2 type leaders.
  • Part of this thrilling new season is learning to drink from “the other guy”
    • Crete’s inheritance came from Paul via Titus. Let us be content with the Tituses (or Titii?)

22:10-34 Ruben, Gad and Manasseh

  • Two and a half tribes got an inheritance the other side of the Jordan
  • It looked like maybe a spirit of rebellion? But it was actually the opposite
    • But actually it was the opposite. It was a witness to their unity in the Lord
  • On being entrusted with your own territory, take such rapid and excellent initiative that you even risk being thought of as a rebel.
  • If we are to fulfill our inheritance, then leaders at every level need to rise up
  • Terry said “part of me says we can’t go much further without you all being all who you should be in God”
    • We need to have checks and balances, so it is not really rebellion
    • These leaders made sure that the next generation knew who they were in the larger body
    • There are increasing “Jordans” that could confuse the next generation
    • Age diversity, cultural diversity, stylistic diversity, geography.
    • We need to be mindful of these Jordans
  • We have “altars of togetherness”
    • Relationship, promises made to each other, meetings together
    • A magazine comes out that says “Let’s get into healings” then this is an alter of togetherness—who we are together in the Lord
    • There are some balls we can only get over the line if we are rucking together
  • God is going to give us breakthrough in signs and wonders as we gather for this
    • He loves to say yes to his people

The Pleasure of God in this model

  • God loves this 12 in 1 and one in 12
  • It is the model of the Trinity
  • May God bless us as a family of churches as we enjoy this amazing togetherness