Report of M01: Stephen van-Rhyn - Leadership lessons from Moses & Aaron

Exodus 32

  1. Leadership Matters
    • direct correlation between spiritual health of people and spirituality of leader.
      • e.g. Matthew: Jesus went through all the villages healing everyone and preaching.
    • Was Jesus rejoicing? Jesus saw the crowds that gathered as harassed and helpless, and he had compassion
      • They were leaderless, like sheep without a shepherd
  2. Leadership matters at every level
    • not good enough just to have great senior leaders
    • the church advances on delegated leadership
    • Your leadership responsibility matters

Aaron’s mistakes

  1. He was seduced by his own success.
    • v.1 the people gather to Aaron. There is nothing like success to blind us to our need for help from others
    • Most of us are Aaron’s not Moses’. Careful that your success doesn’t drive a wedge between you and the person you are called to serve.
    • As a teenager I went on a training weekend and years later I saw a report that was written: “He is the least likely to be involved in any kind of church leadership in the future”
    • I am where I am now because I have had help from a lot of people.
    • Prov 16:1

To be continued, once I have copied the handwritten notes