Review of TT4-1 David Devenish - Missional churches and the challenge of the unreached

Newfrontiers Leadership Conference 2006 - Training Track 4-1

Once David gets into his material, it is a well-reasoned Biblical theology of missions. The argument is roughly as follows:

  • God himself is missional and therefore it is not an option for us
  • 70 nations are listed in the table of nations in Genesis, (after Babel).
  • God tells Abraham he is to be a blessing to all the nations
  • Israel are given this mandate (they are to be a light to the nations)
    • They fail
  • Jesus came to fulfill this mandate
    • he appointed 12 disciples as the foundations for the New Covenant people of God (which as we know parallels the 12 tribes)
    • he then sent out the 70
    • this number is no accident
  • Multiple languages were the curse of Babel
    • but the gift of tongues tells us that every language is a vehicle for the gospel
    • in fact God’s desire is that every language should praise him!
    • it takes all the languages of the world to praise God!

He then goes on to describe how this impacts the local church. This seminar is a good foundation to an important topic and I found it interesting and helpful.

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