Review of TT3-3 Lex Loizides - How the Word of God and the Spirit help us in ministering & receiving healing

Newfrontiers Leadership Conference 2006 - Training Track 3-3

This seminar gets a five-star rating! Lex talks about God’s promise of the help of the Holy Spirit, and then spends the first half of the talk describing several healings in detail. The stories are very different and he uses them to illustrate the diversity in the ways God works. I found this extremely uplifting was filled with praise to God.

The second half is on the practical “how-to” of healing. Lex considers four theories which are widely taught today:

  • emphasis on teaching people to “receive their healing”
  • linking healing with the salvation of the recipient
  • connecting healing to forgiveness or repentance from some sin
  • waiting for a manifestation of the presence of God

Lex goes on, in a very practical way, to illustrate what he believes to be the three most important factors in healing:

  1. Spiritual gifts (especially prophetic)
  2. Authority (of Jesus and of the believer)
  3. The presence of God

Every Christian needs to listen to this seminar!

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