Review of LS03 Philip Greenslade - The idol of relevance

Newfrontiers Leadership Conference 2006 - Leadership Seminar 03

Outline in program:
False prophecy—its therapeutic illusion and misleading effect on the contemporary church

I must admit to finding this message a little disappointing. The discussion of the historical background to Jeremiah was well done, and very few would disagree with his general exhortations from the passage. We all appreciate how wrong it is to tell people what they want to hear rather than the truth, just to make ourselves popular. However I am disappointed for two reasons:

  1. It seems to me that Jeremiah’s problem with the prophets was not that they were following some fad of being “relevant” but they were simply lying. It was an issue of truth and they were prophets of falsehood.
  2. I hoped that at some point we would be told exactly what the target of the message was—that Philip would at least give us an example of the kind of “relevance” he was condemning. I guess I was hoping to learn how this message was “relevant” to me! (I suppose that if he had told me, then he would have fallen under the condemnation of his own title—sorry Philip, I couldn’t resist that.) Seriously, the problem of “fads” in the church today really is an important topic and some well-chosen examples would have made this message much more useful.