Review of LS01 John Groves - Heaven and hell, outdated concepts?

Newfrontiers Leadership Conference 2006 - Leadership Seminar 01

Outline in program:
Christians need to recover an awareness of eternity. We shall be exploring these fundamental doctrines and asking how a Biblical view of heaven and hell affects our preaching, evangelism and church building

A lot was said a the start of the session about the importance of everyone getting a copy of the notes. Yet there doesn’t seem to be any provision for those ordering the CD to obtain them. I like the way that SGM makes all their conference handouts freely available through their website. This would be a good pattern for Newfrontiers to follow.

The second problem I had was that this is a 2-CD set, and the second CD repeats a section of the first and then abruptly stops. This makes it very difficult to do a review. All I can say that although what I heard was good, it is hard to deal with such a big subject so briefly. I found the two messages by Greg Haslam on the subject to be very well organized and helpful and I will provide a download link here.