A visit to Macclesfield Family Church

We visited Macclesfield Family Church on July 8th 2007. We found out about the church from the website which is very nicely done. We found the place the church meets without too much trouble. It is the Peatfields Centre which is a day-centre on campus of Macclesfield College. It is a light and airy building, welcoming and attractive. The people were very welcoming and it immediately felt like we were part of the family.

We very much enjoyed the worship and felt free to participate. There was a strong sense of the presence of God and although it was not a large group of people, there was a lot of participation.

The church website has a short history:

Keith Gamon leads the church and here you can see him preaching. Our travel contraints meant that we had to leave before the end of the service. Unfortunately the sermons are not online yet because Keith is midway through a series in Daniel and I was very interested in what he would say. Before we left, the people all gathered around us and prayed for us as we plant Newlife Church, Toronto.

As we left, they all waved goodbye to us. Later Luke commented on how it felt like we were all part of the same family, (which of course we are!)