Interview with Adrian Warnock and his wife Andrée

Adrian Warnock has been interviewing a lot of people recently (including John Lanferman, Rob Rufus, Tom Shaw and Terry Virgo and I thought it would be fun to “turn the tables” and interview Adrian and his wife Andrée. Here are the questions I asked them (in approximately the order I asked them).

  • Tell me about your family
  • What does Andrée think of your blogging?
  • How involved are you in a local church?
  • Are you full time as a blogger—you certainly seem to be by your prolific output
    • How do you find time?
  • How long have have been blogging
    • What was your motivation to start
    • Are you surprised by your blog’s popularity
    • Who are your influences?
  • Where do your readers live?
  • What do you think is distinctive about your blog
  • Some bloggers are very aggressive and seem to see themselves as the guardians of truth. What do you think about that?
  • Which kind of post do you enjoy writing the most
  • Do you look at how other blog sites react to what you write?
    • What kind of reactions do you have
  • How do you think what you do serves the Christian community
  • What achievements do you think you have had as a blogger
  • What short and long-term goals do you have for your blog
  • What interesting people have you met?
  • What is the latest time you have been up blogging?

Blogging by day...

...and blogging by night

Adrian has got his own back...

...for me posting pictures of him, and has posted a photo of Anne and me on his blog: See Andrew Fountain interviews Adrian. It's actually a nice picture-thanks Adrian.

By the way, it was great to visit your church and I'm about to post some pictures taken there as well.

Great picture

That picture is great!

your photography is great!

I am really impressed with the photo's you took, Andrew. They are really good! Which lens did you have on your camera at that time?


Thanks Andree! All of the except Blogging by Night had your Canon 70-200 zoom. The other lens was my (not very good) 18-55. Glad you liked the pics. Thanks so much for your hospitality!

Interview with Adrian

I feel I need to say a thank you to Adrian and Andrew for presenting such an interesting and enjoyable interview.

Although our views may differ on certain fundamental issues, I respect you as brothers in Christ. I hope we can take hold of what binds us together as Christians, in spite of what may tend towards division.

A call to holiness provoked the Hebridean revival - and that is what we all need today.

Blessings in Christ,

Norman McIlwain